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A person who left College early, educated by life, taking any available odd job, because they know eventually they will become a successful business owner, allowing them to share their story to inspire others. A Husband and Wife, both working full-time, with a child on the way, barely making ends meet and arguing when they see each other; though hopeful, one day, one of their business ideas will be successful. A sixth grade student, who takes objects apart and puts them back together, at will. An in debt third year College student who believes in the American Dream, and is thinking, how to amass wealth, because jobs are not paying a wage enough to sustain life beyond their dorm room. A Company, employing people from all walks of life.

What do they all have in common? We believe they have in common a powerful story, motivating them beyond their circumstances, allowing their futures to be written. Simon Group Real Estate, skilled business advisory services, because when there is business to be made, we guide from the present to the future.

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