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Thomas Simon, tilted-up in the San Gabriel Valley, when the industrial-sized Toys R Us, “Geoffrey the Giraffe,” overlooked the 10 Freeway. Born to a musical family, teeth cut in the entertainment industry, while Mom and Dad built a Dental legacy in Rosemead on Valley Blvd.

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I started in residential real estate sales and loan origination services, early on, then continued by providing skilled real estate and business advisory professional services, helping business with best practices and know-how for long term success, including commercial real estate sales, leasing and investment advisory.

Providing accelerated industrial real estate solutions for a broad range of industries, I build long-term relationships with our clients, made of concrete and steel, since 2004, with true integrity and honesty. And, provide private and public, professional mediation services, leveraging our experience in commercial real estate and business Ownership and Operations best practices, know-how and how-to, to mediate disputes, whether court ordered or not. For a hobby, I enjoy wood model ship building, follow along and see recent builds.

Panjamaporn Ampant, tilted-up in Long Beach and too strong for the Girls Varsity swimming team, I competed with the Boys at Artesia High School, while Mom and Dad went vertical at the Royal Thai Navy and Marines.

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Thida Dome Thai Beauty Pageant contestant, with sponsorship by Thammasart University, allowing a meeting with Los Angeles Mayor, Tom Bradley, ignited my desire to become Business Management smart at Cal State Long Beach, cementing my competitive nature to my industrial real estate company.

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