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We’re human, we really are. It is kind of tough to have to say, considering when we started in the real estate business, the fax machine was the latest and greatest technology, since the in-home cordless phones. Since then, we’ve become a global society dependent on the fastest communication, so that speed now becomes the goal, allowing an instant human reaction, for better or for worse, with everything transmitted, forgotten, faster than the reaction registers on a human. One thing is for sure, to sell or 1031 exchange industrial real estate with speed in the absence of human brain power and real-world experiences makes for a mess. The kind of mess Mom and Dad would make us clean up. Always with a, “Did You Learn Your Lesson?”

Fulfillment and Distribution Industrial Real Estate Picture
Science and Research and Development Industrial Real Estate Picture

Parents teach their children through example, so that when they grow up, the world becomes an easier place to which they may easily adapt, instead of constantly learning more lessons, whether from their peers or from technology. Like our Parents, we still believe in the power of working and applying real-world experience and know-how to each and every industrial real estate property we sell. It’s what works, it’s what’s proven and it really makes for the best, top winning outcome.

Our approach to selling industrial real estate is the same as when we began in the real estate business, in 2002, because why change what works and still produces a top winning outcome. Friends, what still works is that good old database of contacts, some still in a rolodex, we leverage from time to time. Picking up the horn and making a big stink for hours on end, the kind Mom and Dad would be proud of, commonly called cold calling. We still door knock, trust me it actually works. We still, unexpectedly, show up to meet with decision makers for: business development purposes, presenting industrial real estate sale details, even when a red-eye flight is involved. We still have face-to-face meetings. We do all of that, because it works.

Warehouse and Flex Space Industrial Real Estate Picture
Warehouse and Flex Space Industrial Real Estate Picture

As a skilled industrial real estate brokerage, we understand those uneasy feelings of: when you’ve gone vertical, with no Letters of Intent, when the site is shovel ready, but no developers are biting? We see the wealth driven future with you through a 1031 exchange, we see the desire to liquidate all holdings and settle for a private paradise far off and away. We see it with you for better or for worse, even when the balance sheet is unbalanced. We see it with you, because we are a part of each Client’s personal, financial success, whether in the present or in the future, and it’s how we hold ourselves accountable. Let’s make the most out of your sale, or industrial real estate for lease listing, by applying our human-based accelerated industrial real estate selling services to sell or 1031 exchange.

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