Thomas and Penny

We are Thomas and Penny from Sunny Southern California, Co-founders of Simon Group Real Estate. Thomas, a Chino Hills real estate agent, started out in residential and commercial real estate lending in 2002, became a licensed real estate Salesperson in 2006, then a Broker in 2011. Penny, whose background is in Corporate leasing and business investments received her Salespersons license in 2015. In 2013, we established the Bangkok sole agency, Simon Group Real Estate (Thailand) Co. Ltd, servicing the needs of investors in Thailand and Southeast Asia, so that we may perform business acts as a Bangkok real estate agent. In addition, we established our charitable foundation, Advancing Ideas Foundation, Inc, in 2016. When Simon Group Real Estate incorporated in 2011, the motto Penny Ampant authored, Generations of Trust, was agreed upon, as we believe a company built upon trust with its clients, whether Baby Boomers, Silent, X, Xennials, Millennials, Z or Alpha generation, will naturally breed a relationship of integrity and ethics. Welcome to our website and welcome to the experience of Simon Group Real Estate, Generations of Trust.

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