Skillful Industrial Real Estate Landlord Representation Services

Partnering with us for industrial real estate landlord representation services means that your properties are in very experienced hands for an accelerated, top winning leasing solution. We understand how undervalued industrial real estate becomes, when vacant, or when marketing efforts of a lease listing are in need of a more skillful and proven approach.

Though we are a boutique industrial real estate company in the Inland Empire, servicing Ontario, Chino, Riverside, San Bernardino and surrounding markets, we are loud and market very large, so that your industrial real estate for lease receives the most exposure in the shortest period of time, not a result of using the internet, but of applying sweat equity and leverage earned, since 2002.

In the ultra convenient days of the internet, one could easily post an industrial real estate for lease listing on a website and wait for calls, or hand it off to their assistant, with no accountability, or follow-through. Simply, place an ad on a website and hope a call or email appears.

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Our approach is the same as when we began in the real estate business, in 2002: we still have a database of contacts we leverage. We still cold call for marketing and business development purposes. We still door knock. We still, unexpectedly, show up to meet with key decision makers for business development purposes, or evangelizing the leasing details of industrial real estate properties, even when it requires hoping on a plane. And, we still ask prospective tenants for the lease. For if one does not ask, how will one ever know?

Partnering with us for landlord representation or industrial real estate for sale listing services means that no stone will ever be left un-turned, because we still apply sweat equity, including brain power, with physical action, to receive a top winning, leasing outcome. For if you are successful, then we are successful. If you are happy, then, we are happy. If we show it, they will know it. If we speak it, they will tell it. It will lease, for Simon Group Real Estate says it so. Let’s List!

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