Truck Terminals Industrial Real Estate

The Father of industrial real estate, truck terminals, for the logistics, import and export, fulfillment and distribution industries is the heart and soul of the economic engines of the world. As the golden age of the railroad transformed settlements into thriving communities, lined with innovative warehouse businesses, to the modern-day flex space industrial real estate boom, creating worldly prosperity, by delivering products to satisfy the growing appetites of consumers’ needs, we arrive at truck terminals industrial real estate.

Truck Terminals Industrial Real Estate Picture

Originally, a big rig truck’s quick stop and changeover, large land property, allowing movement of 100’s of big rig trucks at a time and for use by trans-national shipping companies, truck terminals industrial real estate transformed into the “airports of ground transportation” for goods. They efficiently enable the movement of goods to retail store, port, or to distribution and fulfillment warehouse and flex space at reasonable cost.

As the consumer demands, so must companies supply, at a reasonable cost, available through the use of the 1M+ sqft sized warehouse or flex space industrial real estate. Most include truck terminals as a component of necessity for the fulfillment, logistics and import and export industries. By creating a hybrid industrial real estate solution to satisfy the demands of our consumer-driven society, logistics, distribution and trans-national shipping companies are able to add more value to their services, including long term storage, amongst many others, representing a shift in the industrial real estate industry. Like the warehouse gave birth to flex space, so has truck terminals industrial real estate given birth to a hybrid, larger-sized, and capable of servicing as a combined truck terminals, industrial real estate property.

Fulfillment, Distribution & Truck Terminals Industrial Real Estate

Just like each drop of water in a reservoir flows to a home, along its path from rain, to mountain, so do warehouse and flex space flow within truck terminals industrial real estate’s reservoir of the economy. Simply put, as airports move people from everywhere to anywhere, so do truck terminals industrial real estate move goods from everywhere to anywhere, further along and destined to be delivered, with business conducted through high tech and data center industrial real estate.

While the opportunity-driven logistics economy is fulfilled by products and offers on demand services, so are truck terminals industrial real estate for lease listing and buying and leasing solutions needed, to keep up with companies increasing real estate size needs, so that they may keep making consumers happier, allowing their profits to rise.

Truck terminals command a higher price tag, because of their larger land to physical building size ratio. As an example, it is common for a 200,000 sqft truck terminals property to be located on land in excess of 40 acres. Why? Because 100’s of big rig trucks are coming, going, loading, unloading and parking, long and short term, 24 hours per day and 7 days a week, further allowing for a high net gain to an owner, should they choose to sell or 1031 exchange truck terminals industrial real estate, by a for sale listing agreement.

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