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The American Dream of homeownership: White picket fences, Sunday barbeques, countless days and nights enjoyed with friends and family, while living the good life.

From first-time, Generation X homeowners, who thought they could rehab their home themselves, to downsizing Baby Boomers, selling the home they have lived in for 30 years, then buying a smaller home in a scenic and charming community, to Millennials moving back in with Mom and Dad; teaches us, that the American Dream of homeownership normally occurs at a different time for every Generation, for which there is no explanation.

Team, Thomas and Penny, provide skilled real estate agent advisory services, including: purchasing a home or selling a home, estate planning and management, trust advisory, out-of-state re-location, and international re-location. Simon Group Real Estate, Generations of Trust; Let’s make the American Dream happen.

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