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Many property owners attempt to sell their real estate, without professional assistance, by calling countless agents, Brokers, friends and family members to see if they can find a buyer. What this does causes frustration to the seller, because they have now placed themselves in the role of being a real estate agent who must now use his or her time to manage the entire sales process, without professional assistance. What typically results is an offer or 2, but at a significantly reduced price, where the buyer usually does not have the financial capabilities to own such real estate.

So, why sell with Simon Group Real Estate?

We save clients time and money by broadcasting their real estate for sale to a highly targeted and active buying audience of Brokers, agents and buyers, worldwide. In addition to having a presence in Chino Hills, we have an office in Thailand which performs acts as a Bangkok real estate agent, thereby allowing a client’s real estate for sale to be marketed legally and ethically in all of Asia, which will serve to increase the pool of available buyers. We will negotiate for clients, so that they do not have to be the seller and negotiator. We implement a multiple offer strategy, allowing our client’s property or business opportunity to sell for the highest amount possible, and perform inspections and prepare statutory disclosures prior to listing a property for sale, so that there are no unexpected twists and turns during the offer acceptance and escrow period. All buyers, agents and Brokers who have buyers are pre-screened, prior to allowing them to see our real estate for sale, so that we know a potential buyer has the necessary finances to close. Together, we can turn for sale by owner real estate into sold by owner.

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